How To Be Single                          Cabbie                                  New Line Cinema

The Amazing Spider-Man 2          Times Square Bystander      Columbia Pictures

Comedienne                                  Sam Reed                               ITV Fest

Appetite                                          Manager                               SoHo Film Festival


Broad City                                      Tad                                          Comedy Central

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt       Banana Boy                           Netflix

The Jim Gaffigan Show                 Shoelaces                              TV LAND

Money From Strangers                 Guest Comedian                    MTV

Hey, Girl                                          Barista                                    MTV


Lisa From School                            House Improv Team   Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

“The Black Experience”                 Solo Show                   Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

Chicago Sketch Fest 2012             Inside Joke Films        Stage 551

Toronto Sketch Fest 2011               Inside Joke Films        Lower Ossington Theater

SketchFest NY 2011                        Inside Joke Films        Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

SanFran Sketch Fest 2011              Inside Joke Films        The Dark Room


NYU Tisch School of the Arts: Stella Adler Studio                   BFA – Fall 2009                               

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts                                               Shakespeare - Spring 2009