The Black Experience Review

Here's a review of the MLK Day "The Black Experience" show by the lovely Sarah Hartman. You can check out the full review here:

"Have you ever wished you could change race for a night? Maybe Iggy Izalea has made you believe that you too could have an urban edge. You’re probably wrong, but at The Black Experience, comedian Jonathan Braylock lets you pretend all the same. Braylock performed a special “Martin Luther King Jr.” edition of this show on Monday, January 19, at UCB Chelsea, and it did not disappoint...

Braylock is funny, engaging, and fearless as a performer, and he gently but hilariously pokes fun of the culture and stereotypes of “his people.” The 25-minute set will have you wishing you could have the black experience every day…well, maybe not every day.

The Black Experience has enjoyed a run at UCB Chelsea for the past few months, and will give its final performance on February 4. Click here to check out all of Jonathan Braylock’s upcoming shows!