From Improv to Stand-Up with Jonathan Braylock

I am teaching a class at Treehouse Theater!

Join Jonathan Braylock as he teaches you how to translate your improv knowledge to standup knowledge. Standup comedy can seem like a new and scary beast to tackle, especially for someone who is used to collaborating with a back line of excited improvisers. Yet, there are many skills you have developed practicing improv that can help you build a killer stand up set. Learn how tools such as game, callbacks, following the fear, “If this, then what” and “yes and” are used in standup. In this 4-week workshop  Jon will introduce some specific genres and styles of standup, the class will include improv exercises, writing exercises, and opportunities to get up and explore different ways to get to that GOD FORSAKEN PUNCHLINE, all in the supportive environment of fellow improvisers. Whether you already have a set you want to improve or have never tried to write a joke this class will be a fun way to try new different ways to follow the funny.